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Current location: CU Scarborough

Meet your Staff Team at CUSU CU Scarborough

We have a dedicated team of staff working at CU Scarborough who support your campus officer and ensure that you have a fantastic student experience with us at CU Scarborough.

CUSU Asst. manager - Sophie Baggallay

Hi I’m Sophie and I am CUSU’s Students’ Union Coordinator here at CU Scarborough.










This year I would love for every student at CU Scarborough to have benefitted from one thing CUSU has done!

I graduated Northumbria University in 2015 with a degree in Film and Television Studies and have since worked in cinema events, birthday parties and even a garage. I had the best experience volunteering with the Students’ Union during my time at University and I’m passionate about creating these opportunities for CU Scarborough students.

I’m obsessed with musicals and you can normally find me walking my dog Bella or watching Gavin & Stacey on repeat for the millionth time.

My three favourite things about being involved with CUSU are:

  1. Meeting so many different people and having colleagues in different parts of the country.
  2. Being part of an organisation that cares so much about creating opportunities for students and their futures.
  3. Working with so many different students who all have something interesting to teach me.

If you see me with my headphones in, I'm almost always listening to a conspiracy theory podcast!


Volunteering Coordinator - Rachel Maw

Hi I’m Rachel and I am CUSU’s Volunteering Coordinator here at CU Scarborough.