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Academic Rep Sign-up Checklist

Each intake, of each class, for every year group should have at least one Rep
As an example: the BSc Student Engagement will recruit at least one Rep for the 1st years starting in September, as well as a Rep for the January intake. This is repeated for all years of the programme.

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to explain the benefits of being a Rep. There is more information here:

For larger classes, we recommend a minimum ratio of one rep per twenty students.

Each Rep will be trained and accredited for their time by the Students' Union

Becoming a Rep is a volunteering processes. An election is not necessary.

Academics are asked to note down the details of students who volunteer in the below form.

Academics are asked to tell the Reps to complete their appliction with us by going to to
There does not need to be an inclass election. All volunteers are welcome.

Academics are asked to notify us of which Reps are selected for each class, using the form below.

Academics are ask to ask selected Reps to complete the full volunteer form found here: