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Black History Month 2021

BHM 2021 is here!

At Coventry University Students' Union we are committed to celebrating the lives and diversity of Black student communities across the CU group. We have a number of events, campaigns and activities all the way through October for you to be involved with. Learn, share and change with us. 

Black History Month has always been an important celebration in CUSU, and as such we have always held exciting celebrations.

This year however, the Sabbatical officer team and the entire SU feel the need to go beyond the regular celebration and mark BHM 2021 with lasting changes to improve the educational experience and welfare of Black students and staff across Coventry University. There has been a global movement rallying around the Black community calling for racial equity and an end to injustice, this Black History Month we will work with the university to ensure we play our part in instituting policy changes that leave an tangible change for the lives of Black Students at Coventry University.

The Officer Team

BHM Events

Big Black History Month Quiz Challenge
14th October 7pm - 31st October 5pm
Online - Kahoot
BHM Student Network Meeting
20th October 2pm - 4pm
Social Seating, CU Scarborough
Join us to discuss the black student experience at CU Scarborough.
An evening with Jay Brave
20th October 7pm - 8:30pm
Online - Zoom
BHM: In conversation with Sophie Williams
21st October 6:30pm - 8pm
Sophie Williams is a TED Speaker, leading anti-racism advocate and author of Anti Racist Ally and Millennial Black. Sophie will explore how we can make space for racially marginalised people and how small conversations can spark big change.
BHM: LGBTQ+ Thought Leaders: Challenging public perceptions ft. Dr Ronx
26th October 5pm - 6:15pm
Dr Ronx is an emergency medicine doctor, a TV presenter ('Is Covid Racist?'), advocate & activist and inspirational speaker - that's just the tip of the iceberg, and they do it with their own very special flavour!
BHM Colonial Countryside: Exploring LBBD Manor Houses
26th October 7pm - 8:30pm
Eastbury Manor House and Valence House were once country houses with farmed estates. On the publication of new historic research, this talk will explore previous owners’ and tenants’ connections to colonial activity and the transatlantic slave trade.
BHM: COVID and disproportionality and what does it mean for health disparities moving forward?
28th October 5:30pm - 29th October 7pm
Professor Kevin Fenton - London's Regional Director of Public Health & statutory advisor to the Mayor of London and the London Assembly talks about COVID-19 and it's disproportional effects on different communities health.
BHM: Marvel - Stan Lee's Black History
12th November 6:30pm - 8:45pm
Stan Lee of Marvel comics often used used his characters and stories as commentaries on personal development, morals, US politics and Civil rights struggles. He also borrowed from Greek, Roman and African mythology to create his comic universes.

The Black History Month Blog

Your Voice, Your Black History Month.

We want to amplify Black student voices. This year, we're looking for paid blog contributions on the theme of #ProudToBe. 

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BHM News

BHM: Your Voice, Your Black History Month. #ProudToBe

Voice and representation matters. Here at CUSU we want to amplify Black voices and encourage the sharing of stories and experiences across campus. If submitted and published, you will receive a £30 voucher of your choice.

Black History Month 2021

October is the start of Black History Month in the UK, running from the 1st to the 31st. At Coventry University Students’ Union, we are using this month to shine a light on the diversity of our Black student communities, as well as launching new projects that intend to make tangible change, not just during Black History Month, but far beyond it.


Get Involved in BHM

Want to be part of Black History Month 2021, as a participant or contributor? Have ideas for something you would like to see on campus? We would love to hear from you. Click the button below to contact us, and let us know your thoughts. 

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