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Rep Mixer

By: Reps & Student Voice

Time and Venue

Online / Icebreaker
26/10/2020, 13:00
26/10/2020, 14:00
Rep Mixer

Next Monday meet your fellow Reps and find out more about Rep System!


Your Vice President for Education will be going live helping you connect with other students. Find out their course, hobbies and much much more.


You’ll also get the chance to talk about how you have found your time so far as Rep and give any feedback to our Rep Coordinators on what could be improved and what we can do for you.


Throughout the icebreaker you’ll be paired up in a video chat with other Reps to talk about who you are, what you’ll study and what you’re interested in, and after the event you can connect with any of your matches to keep the conversation going.


You can join here:


Please note: you’ll need a Google account to access the event

If you don’t have a google account you can sign up for one here for free.   


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