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Rep Hangout

By: Reps & Student Voice

Time and Venue

10/03/2021, 14:00
10/03/2021, 15:00


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Rep Hangout

Want to know what your VP Education has been up to? Do you have a Rep issue that you just can't seem to resolve? Or do you just fancy a catch up? Whatever the case Obinna would like to invite all Reps to join him for our latest Rep event!

Since the start of the second semester Obinna has been working on a number of projects as a result of the feedback you have all been gathering. Whether it be regarding changes to the no detriment policy or improving response times from the university we want to let you know all your feedback is heard and listened to! Obinna is keen to find out how you are getting on and what feedback is coming from your courses to continue to shape his agenda for the rest of his term in office.

So join Obinna for our Rep Hangout and help him improve the students educational experience for all!

How to join the event

Once you have grabbed yourself a free ticket you will recieve the Zoom link to the event in your email receipt.

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