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Forthcoming Events

Mon 8th March

Motivation Monday Education Talk
noon - 12:30pm
Did you know March 8th marks the start of Green Week 2021! Join our Student Sustainability Champions as they discuss the growing importance of sustainability when it comes to University Courses!

Wed 10th March

Rep Hangout
2pm - 3pm
A chance to ask questions, give your feedback and meet other Reps

Thu 18th March

Engage to Achieve Focus Group
4pm - 5pm
Zoom (link sent via email after sign up)
This will be your chance to talk about what it's been like to learn online this year, what motivates you to log into your classes and why you might choose to skip a particular class. It'll be totally anonymous.

Wed 24th March

Reps Employability Session
11am - noon
Find out how being a Rep can be used to make you more employable
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