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GEM Nominations Term 2 2020/2021

Look and see who has received a GEM nomination this term

CUSU 2020 Gender Pay Gap Report

The report attached is placed on our website for applicants to see.

Reps' HE Newsletter June 2019

Find out about the latest HE news in this month's Reps HE Newsletter!

Tiles of Hope

We are excited to invite you to take part in Tiles of Hope – a tiled mural representing hope in the city.

Academic Wellbeing | How to successfully fail your academic year!

Note: This is going to tell you all the things NOT to do during your exam and submissions period. Do the opposite of all of these suggestions and give yourself the best chance of succeeding in your academic year.

Spooky theme for Post Pals Volunteering Event

With Halloween just around the corner, it was apt that the Post Pals event held on campus recently was dominated by ghouls, ghosts and things that go bump in the night!

Volunteer with Royal Trinity Hospice

Volunteering opportunity: At Royal Trinity Hospice, they believe every moment matters. They go above and beyond to help our patients and their families make the most of every moment they have left.

Sponsorship Drop-In Session for Societies and Sports Clubs

With Michael Lappin (SU Director of Enterprise) and Gabriela Sulikowska (SU Vice President Activities)
Read article to find out more!

Societies Drop-In Sessions

We would like to give societies' committees the opportunity to talk to our coordinators and VP Activities face to face. Check out the Article for more Details!

Volunteering Week – great to be back on Campus!

We had a very busy time on campus for our Volunteering Week of activities.

Why Adopt an Academic Society?

Societies are often portrayed as being a great way to take a break from the academic side of your university experience and have a relaxed evening making friends outside of your course. So why do we promote and encourage academic societies? Read more to find out…

Pole Fitness is back!

The Pole Fitness Society have taken a short break, but are back and looking forward to the upcoming year! Read more to find out about their meet and greet sessions tomorrow...

Prickly friends benefit from Litter Pick

A big thank you to students and staff who joined us for our recent ‘Hog Friendly Litter Pick’ event on Wednesday 22 September.

The Festival of Running is finally here!

On Sunday 31st October 2021, the Festival of Running 2020 is finally hitting the streets of Coventry.

Students bring history of our Coventry campus to life through City Tours

Students volunteering with Coventry University Students’ Union (CUSU) have helped to launch three tours across our Coventry campus and the city centre in partnership with the Historic Coventry Trust and Lanchester Interactive Archive.

The City Tours are aimed at helping students, staff and the community to get to know the city better, from wherever they are, by exploring some of its historical gems and learning about the rich cultural history that's inspired the names of many of our universit

Festival of Running Update - January 2021

Over the last few weeks, we have been carefully watching the direction of the pandemic and the likelihood of an easing of restrictions to enable the Festival of Running to proceed on March 21st.

PLAY: Christmas Blob Opera

Blob Opera is a machine learning experiment by David Li in collaboration with Google Arts and Culture.
This experiment pays tribute to and explores the original musical instrument: the voice. Play four opera voices in real time. No singing skills required!

12 days of Uni Life....

Elizabeth Mullenger suggests the 12 days of Uni life inspired by her experiences so far....

Facebook offers to pay for your voice recording

'Pronunciations', part of Facebook's market research app, aims to improve Facebook's speech recognition

MAKE: Non-alcoholic Mulled Wine

Get into the Christmas spirit with this festive recipe...

Volunteer at the MOBO Awards!

Get ready: The 2021 MOBO Awards are coming

MAKE: Origami Christmas Trees and more...

There’s nothing to dislike about making an adorable paper Christmas tree: no fuss, no mess and no money to spend.

In Conversation With... School of Art and Design

Highlights from the 'In Conversation With...' event for the School of Art and Design.

Using Social Media to Make You More Employable

Social media can be a great tool for interacting with friends but it can also help you with your career. Social media gives you the opportunity for networking, engaging and developing your personal brand by showing people who you are. People can get a gauge of your personality and skills from your online presence and want to interact with you.

Claudia's Creative Answer To Connecting Generations

One of the things that has arisen during the course of the pandemic, is the need to keep connections going. None more so than the connections between the generations; children not physically being able to be with their grandparents is one such connection that has been lost.

CONNECT: New Ways Catch Up Online

Here are some fun ways to keep in touch with your mates in lockdown (and no, you won't need to log into Zoom)

Academic Wellbeing: Getting the support you need

The disability services team provides advice and support to students in relation to disability. This includes (but is not limited to) help and support for students who have learning differences including dyslexia, long term medical conditions and neurodiversity.

UPDATED - In Conversation With... School of Marketing and Management

Video and Transcript added - Highlights from the 'In Conversation With...' event for the School of Marketing and Management

WATCH: Great Animations from Blender

A collection of free short animation movies that have each collected millions of views...

UPDATED - In Conversation With... School of Psychological, Social and Behavioural Sciences.

Video and Transcript attached - It was the turn of School of Psychological, Social and Behavioural Sciences to face student questions in yesterdays 'In Conversation With...' event.

Transgender Day of Remembrance 2021
'Transgender Day of Remembrance' on a black background, with a heart and six candles in the trans fl

Our Welfare & Inclusion Rep, Max Shenton, writes about Transgender Day of Remembrance.

Content warning: references to transphobia, murder, suicide, sexual assault, genocide.

Flames Women Suffer Home Loss Against Brent Bulls

Coventry drops to 1-2 in WNBL Div 2 South after falling 84 - 56 to Bulls.

Alumnight- How did it go?

Our first ever alumni event- how did it go?
On Thursday 21st October 2021, the Employability team held its first EVER alumni event – Alumnight! The event saw previous Sabbatical Officers and students return to Coventry University Students’ Union to share their thoughts and provide guidance to current students, on how to make the most of their time whilst at University.

Talk it Like a Man | Episode 4 | Reflections moving forward

In this episode:
The hosts are one step ahead, but also now a week behind. Filmed just before the winter break, they look at resolutions and loss.

UPDATED - In Conversation With... School of Nursing, Midwifery and Health

Video and Transcript added -The School of Nursing, Midwifery and Health put forward a panel to answer your questions for our 'In Conversation With...' event.

Mental Health & Wellbeing Action Group

We're looking for students from Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic Backgrounds who want to be part of our paid action groups, working to create initiatives that reduce the barriers faced by Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic Students when accessing mental health support at Coventry University. Read on to find out more and take part!

Why do an Add+vantage module

The Add+Vantage scheme is an innovative programme developed by Coventry University for its students. An Add+Vantage module is designed with one goal in mind: to help boost your employability! These modules focus on engaging students in activities that offer real-life work experience and help with their career growth.


7 score in double-figures in blow-out win against Cardiff Met Archers II


West Herts beats Coventry 54-34

BHM: Your Voice, Your Black History Month. #ProudToBe

Voice and representation matters. Here at CUSU we want to amplify Black voices and encourage the sharing of stories and experiences across campus. If submitted and published, you will receive a £30 voucher of your choice.

Lisa's Hero Arm Appeal

Hello! I am Lisa and I am crowdfunding for a Hero Arm and I really hope that you can support me with my campaign.

Talk it Like a Man | Episode 3 | Xmas Special

The boys are getting into the festive season - talking all things traditional and how to look after yourself this winter period!


Flames drop close game to Wolves, Worcester wins 64-58

Talk It Like A Man | Episode 10 | Employability, Work Skills And CV's, Part 2

Join Hristo and Josh as they catch up with Euan and talk all things mental health and employability!

Flames Double Header to Open Home Schedule

Women to play first game in team history against West Herts Warriors in lead up to Men's game vs. Worcester Wolves II

Become an Academic Rep

Find out what Reps do and how you can get involved!

Tabletop Society's One-Shot Week: A Week of TTRPGs!

Tabletop Society will be running a full week of one-shots every day from the 27th of September, finishing off with an in-person meetup and games session!

Join a Faith Society

We have a range of societies where you can meet fellow students who share your faith

Talk it Like a Man | Episode 1 | Men's Mental Health Podcast

*Article written by Ali Bushnell*

Join Vice President for Sports & Wellbeing, Sam Ajoku and students Hristo Kirov and Josh McFadden as they talk about men's mental health issues.

In this episode:
Come get to know the hosts as they talk through some of the stigmas attached to talking about mental health, discuss some of their own experiences with phrases and language, as well as the effects of social media and up-bringing on wellbeing.

SP-OT'ed Suicide Prevention, a talk by the charity PAPYRUS (Prevention of Young Suicide)

SP-OT'ed, a talk on suicide prevention is an interesting and informative session that will be run by the charity PAPYRUS (Prevention of Young Suicide) on the 19th February from 6pm until 7:30pm.

PLAY: Lady Blackbird

Lady Blackbird Is An Adventure Module For 2-6 People. It Contains A Starting Situation, Setting, Pregen Characters, And Quick-Play Rules Perfect For A No-Prep Game Of 1-3 Sessions Or More.

MAKE: The Best Hot Chocolate

Four different ways to make the World's best hot chocolate ever (probably)

LISTEN: Pitches for Cheesy Christmas Movies!

One hour to come up with as many movie pitches as possible. (NSFW)

WATCH: Christmas Magic

Best Zach King Magic Tricks Merry Christmas Ever

WATCH: 10 seconds of Christmas Joy!

Take less than ten seconds to put a smile on your face this Christmas

LISTEN: The Real Story of Frozen

It's the original story of the Snow Queen. The original, though, is incredibly different, and contains much more violence, kidnapping, and weirdness than the adaptation.

LISTEN: The real story of St Nicholas

The story behind the transition from Saint Nicholas to Santa Claus is one that includes murder, priest-punching, and ominous, demonic-looking companions.

LISTEN: Vikings, Zombies & Christmas

The story of a few violent, zombie-filled Christmases from Norse legend.

MAKE: Best Brownie Recipie...ever?

Food guru Lorraine Pascale offers up her superb recipie for Oreo Brownies - delicious!

MAKE: Christmas Cocktails

Make some festive cocktails at home this Christmas

WATCH: Lockdown Alpine Adventures

See if you can recreate this alpine adventure at home!


We have an exciting opportunity for a highly motivated and committed individual who has a genuine interest in working with and supporting students at Coventry University.

Welcome from Your PG Officer

Our PG Officer, Amaka, welcome new Postgraduate Students to Coventry Student's Union

Tabletop's Main Hangout: Discord!

We're been consistently hanging out in our Discord server almost every single day since March 2020;
You can even join if you're not a member yet just to take a look around!

We are back!

The CU Aviation Society Committee

‘Balance is fulfilling’: how to look after your mental health at Uni

‘Balance is fulfilling’: how to look after your mental health at Uni

Academic Wellbeing Support Resources

Click here to find web links to activities and resources to help out with your Academic Wellbeing

Welcome from your Postgraduate Students Officer
A portrait picture of Nana Akoto-Bamfo, the Postgraduate Students Officer for the 2020-2021 academic

Nana Akoto-Bamfo extends a welcome to incoming postgraduate students of Coventry University.

iGEM 2020

iGEM is a competition that inspires nearly 6,000 students each year to work in teams to solve real life problems utilising the emerging field of synthetic biology.

PLAY: Discworld MUD

Go old school and play this addictive multi-player text based game based on the famous Terry Pratchett books "Discworld". You're just in time too as it's the start of Hogswatch the most festive time of year...

Property Viewing Checklist

Currently on the hunt for next year's accommodation? Have a read of our checklist of what to look out for on your property viewings!

UPDATED - In Conversation With... School of Media and Performing Arts

Video and transcript attached - It was the turn of Media and Performing Arts to face student questions in yesterdays 'In Conversation With...' event.

VISIT: London Museums & Galleries

London's national museums are all free to enter. Here's what you need to know

Why Join a Society?
Why Join a Society

Wondering why you should join a Society? Read for our Top 4 Reasons!

The International Buddy Scheme Relaunch | Sign up to be a mentor!

We are relaunching the International Buddy Scheme project! Meet new people from all over the world, help new international students and use the Vygo app to answer questions for new international students.

MAKE: Eco-Wrapping

Save the planet whilst making your Christmas gifts look stunning with these 10 eco-friendly gift wrapping ideas...

UPDATE - In Conversation With... School of Life Sciences

Video and Transcript Uploaded - A look at some of the key questions from the 'In Conversation With...' event with the School of Life Sciences.

Why should you join a society?

We can tell you until we're blue in the face, but we thought it would be best to find out from society members directly. Read more to find out what they have to say about their times in CUSU Societies.

UPDATED - In Conversation With... School of Humanities

Video and Transcript Attached - Highlights from the 'In Conversation With...' event with senior leaders from the School of Humanities yesterday.

Society memberships now on sale!

As we get ready for the next academic year, we're happy to announce that society memberships are now available to purchase!

LIVE: Laplands Northern Lights

Can you catch a glimpse of the northern lights from Santa's home Lapland?

UPDATED - In Conversation With... School of Strategy and Leadership

Video and Transcript Attached - A quick overview of some of the key talking points from the 'In Conversation With...' event with representatives from the School of Strategy and Leadership.

Autumn Election 2021 Results

They have nominated themselves, campaigned and won those important votes...and now...the results are in!
Find out who will be your NUS Delegates and Coventry University London Campus Officer!

MAKE: Die Hard Decorations

Is it a Christmas Movie? Of course it is! Now make your very own Die Hard Christmas Decorations...

UPDATED - In Conversation With... School of Computing Electronics and Mathematics

Video and Transcript Attached - A quick overview on some of the key talking points from the 'In Conversation With...' event with representatives from the School of Computing Electronics and Mathematics.

UPDATED - In Conversation With... School of Economics, Finance and Accounting

Video and Transcript Attached - A quick overview on some of the key talking points from yesterday's 'In Conversation With...' event with representatives from the School of Economics, Finance and Accounting.

UPDATED - In Conversation With... International Centre for Transformational Entrepreneurship

Video and Transcript attached - The fifth ‘In Conversation With…’ event ran by CUSU was this time focused on the International Centre for Transformational Entrepreneurship.

UPDATED - In Conversation With... School of Energy, Construction and Environment

Transcript attached - Highlights from the 'In Conversation With...' event with a Panel from the School of Energy, Construction and Environment.

UPDATED - In Conversation With... School of Mechanical, Aerospace & Automotive Engineering

Video and Transcript attached. A look at some of the highlights from yesterday's 'In Conversation With...' event with representatives from the School of Mechanical, Aerospace & Automotive Engineering.

Health and Life Sciences Faculty Officer Resignation

HLS Faculty Officer has resigned

Drop in sessions for societies' committees

We would like to give societies' committees opportunity to talk to our coordinators and VP activities face to face.

Sustainable Fruit & Veg

Not only do fruits and veggies make for tasty treats, but they're also packed with nutrients! That's why we've got some handy ways for you to sustainably get in your 5-A-Day!

Feedback Friday!

Your opportunity to provide feedback to your Reps about your course!

Food Sustainability

Food sustainability is not often at the forefront of a university student’s mind - especially when healthy eating is involved. Hopefully, these quick and easy tips can help you pick more sustainable healthy food choices!

Priory Sports Hall Availability for Students

Update on our previous article on the lack of availability for student activities at Priory Sports Hall.

Support in Light of a Recent Student Death

CUSU statement on the recent death of a Coventry University student.

Key Answers from 'An Audience With...'

Find out some of the key answers to your questions from Coventry University's Senior Leadership Team in yesterday's 'An Audience With...' event!

Office of the Independent Adjudicator for Higher Education (OIA)

Find out more about the Office of the Independent Adjudicator for Higher Education (OIA) and how it can help you during your time at Coventry University.

Teaching Hours and Revision Week?

Fill out the form to share YOUR PERSONAL EXPERIENCE

In Conversation With... Your School

Following on from the ‘An Audience with University Senior Leadership’ Q&A event, CUSU is pleased to present a series of ‘In Conversation With…’ events throughout November with Faculty, School and site level figures.

Priory Sports Hall Lack of Availability for Student Activities

If you would like to know more and show your support, please read and sign our Open Letter attached in this article.

Officer Team Statement on current situation in Afghanistan
CUSU logo

The Sabbatical Officer Team stand with all of our students who are affected by the current situation in Afghanistan.

International Womens Day, Women In Science

As part of our women in science series, hear from from Lauren Acton (Course Director for Undergraduate Biomedical Science at Coventry University) on why she is proud to be a woman in science!

International Womens Day 2021

It's Womens History Month here at CUSU - Throughout the month we'll be raising awareness of our Women Students campaigns, events & activities as well as celebrating International Womens Day on the 8th March. There is so much for you to get involved with throughout the month, and lots planned for International Womens Day too. Read on to find out more.

Meet Your Full-time Officer Team!
Full-Time Officer Team

The first look at your new full-time Officer Team. Get to know them via an introductory Zoom call hosted by our outgoing president.

CUSU Spotlight - May 2021
CUSU Spotlight branding

Join us as we reflect on the first month of CUSU Spotlight. Do you want to be featured in our CUSU Spotlight? Details are at the bottom of this article.

Book Your Lateral Flow Test
Stay Safe logo

As restrictions ease, we must Stay Safe. Book your asymptomatic rapid lateral flow test to help reduce the spread of Covid-19.

I Love My Staff Awards

A Student-Led Staff Award! This is your chance to recognise staff who have made a positive impact on your student experience.

Isabelle's Tips for Studying Online

Isabelle shares tips they have found useful while adjusting to learning online. #EngageToAchieve

Jada's Tips for Online Learning #EngageToAchieve

Jada Thomas shares tips they have found useful while adjusting to learning online. #EngageToAchieve

Are you in your final year?

We are here to help!

This video features services that can help you as a final year student during the last half of your academic year and beyond.

Letter to student accommodation providers
apartment block of blue and yellow apartments

Your VP for Welfare and Inclusion Abbey Ojo, MP for Coventry South Zarah Sultana and Warwick Students' Union Welfare and Campaigns Officer Izzy Bourne call on accommodation providers to offer students rent waivers and releases. You can read the contents of their letter here.

Adaptability, Endurance and Digital – just a few skills that set pandemic students apart

If you’ve been losing sleep thinking that this pandemic will hold you back – think again.