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15 Things to Check Before you Rent!

Find out my top 15 things that you should consider and check before you decide to rent a property. Come along to our Housing Fair on the 25th January to find your house for next year!

A pastel yellow and dark green housing landscape saying "Check Before You Rent" A pastel yellow and dark green housing landscape saying "Check Before You Rent"

Find out our top 15 things that you should check before you sign a contract for a property! These are not the only things to consider, but we have written a list for you of what we think are the most important things to pay attention to! 


  1. How far from campus do you want to live?

  2. What kind of housing options are you looking at?

    • En-suite room (in a flat)

    • Studio

    • Room with shared bathroom (in a flat)

    • Room with shared bathroom and kitchen (in a flat)

    • House-share (en-suite or not en-suite)

    • University-owned accommodation/ housing

    • Private accommodations/ housing

  3. What are your minimum and maximum monthly rent limits? Establish these before you start looking!

  4. Do you want your bills to be included or do you want to pay them separately? (Rent is often cheaper on properties when some/ all bills are NOT included so be aware of that when searching).

  5. Who do you want to live with? Do you want to live on your own? Do you want to live with random students? You can just book a room in a house on your own and be assigned housemates - this is a great way to meet new people.

  6. What is important to you to be included in the contract? Overnight guests? Sustainable household? A break clause in case of exceptional circumstances?

  7. Do you want housing with a cleaner or do you want to clean yourself?

  8. Do you want housing with catering/ partial catering, or do you want to cook for yourself?

  9. Have you visited the property or done an online viewing?

  10. How much deposit are you willing to pay? Make sure your deposit is kept securely in a Deposit Protection Scheme. Find out more information on Deposits here:

  11. Do you need additional contents insurance, and if so, is this still within your budget?

  12. Check you are only renting from an accredited landlord or agency!

  13. If bills are included, what are the usage limits? Is it likely you’ll end up paying extra costs from going over your usage?

  14. Is the tenancy a sole tenancy (just you) or a joint tenancy (the whole flat/ house). This is important because if an individual leaves a joint tenancy you may have to make up the rest of the costs amongst the remaining housemates.

  15. Have you had your contract checked by the Advice Service? Visit the drop in online contract checks on the 18th January, 2pm-4pm. Book your contract check here: This service is available all year round via appointment with our Student Union Advice Service, so make sure to book an appointment to get your contract checked here: CUSU: Student Advice Service (

What Else Can I Do?

Join the Housing Fair Mailing List to get updates:

Visit the Housing Fair on the 25th January 2022 (Ground Floor of The Hub):

Find more information on How To Make A Plan with the Student Union Advice Centre: Making a plan | Coventry University Students' Union ( 

Find out the pros and cons of different types of housing: Accommodation Options | Coventry University Students' Union (

Be aware of rental scams! Find out how to spot them with the Student Union Advice Centre: How To Avoid Scams | Coventry University Students' Union (


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