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CUSU Spotlight - May 2021

Join us as we reflect on the first month of CUSU Spotlight. Do you want to be featured in our CUSU Spotlight? Details are at the bottom of this article.

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CUSU Spotlight is a relatively new concept created to showcase our students, groups, and their achievements. Simply put, CUSU Spotlight is there to shine a light on our student wins and recognises some of their fantastic achievements.

CUSU Spotlight 1:

Coventry University Karate Club (@coventryunikarate), completed over 50 online training sessions since October 2020 - a fantastic achievement offering engaging and enjoyable online sessions to their members.  

CUSU Spotlight 2:

Our second Spotlight was on Coventry Phoenix Dance Society. In February 2021, Coventry Phoenix Dance Society members each attempted to run 56 miles to raise money for charity - and as a result of their hard work, they managed to raise £551 for cancer research! 

CUSU Spotlight 3:

In week two, we shined a light on WES Chit Chats fantastic podcast, “If you want to listen to an engaging conversation hosted by a group of female Engineering students sharing their thoughts and opinions on general lifestyle topics, look no further”. A great idea that was extremely well executed. Their previous podcasts can be found via their Instagram (@weschitchat).


CUSU Spotlight 4:

To round up week two, we shared Coventry University Netball Club (@coventryuninetball). Who completed 2,800 squats throughout March to raise money in aid of the Teenage Cancer Trust. They raised over £685 for the charity, which is an incredible club effort - well done to all involved














CUSU Spotlight 5:

During week three, we celebrated @whatnextcoventry who recently won the 'The Opportunities for All' award at the National Society and Volunteering awards! A relatively new society that has achieved so much in a short time. Their mentorship programme 'Project Empower' is exceptional and inspirational.














CUSU Spotlight 6:

Our sixth CUSU Spotlight was on Coventry University Cheerleading Club (@covphoenixcheer). Who set a target to walk 1000km, aiming to raise £200 for Student Minds. They smashed their target and completed 1145.92km and raised an impressive £608!

CUSU Spotlight 7:

At the end of May, we were able to celebrate the success of @fundraiser_fest - for not only running an engaging online event but fundraising over £760 for mental health! Well done to the seven societies involved in this fundraising event.

CUSU Spotlight 8:

Our final post of the month was on Talkitlikeaman (@talkitlikeaman), a men’s mental health podcast hosted by a current full-time Officer, part-time Officer and University student. They have some open and honest conversations around a challenging subject. Thank you for hosting an important conversation.














Thank everyone involved in the first month of CUSU Spotlight- for your incredible work and fantastic achievements. If you would like to be featured under our CUSU Spotlight or know an individual or groups that have achieved something which we should be showcasing, then please contact


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CUSU Spotlight branding

CUSU Spotlight - May 2021

Join us as we reflect on the first month of CUSU Spotlight. Do you want to be featured in our CUSU Spotlight? Details are at the bottom of this article.

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