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Feedback Friday!

Your opportunity to provide feedback to your Reps about your course!

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When it’s the end of the week that can mean only one thing... Feedback Friday!? 

We will be running a number of feedback events?for?students?to give?you?and your reps?an opportunity to have a voice?about your experiences within your department but also at university.?? 

In this event, your reps will be able to provide you with updates on the feedback you have given them. But also, if you have any additional feedback you would like to raise then you are more than welcome to.?? 

Equally, if you wish to raise some feedback or suggestions to CUSU then this is a perfect opportunity as well. 

The events are planned as follows: - FAH – 10am-11am, 12th November - FBL – 10am-11am, 12th November - EEC – 2pm-3pm, 12th November - HLS – 2pm-3pm, 12th November 

If you do have any questions, you can email us at; hope to see you there! 



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