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UPDATED - In Conversation With... International Centre for Transformational Entrepreneurship

Video and Transcript attached - The fifth ‘In Conversation With…’ event ran by CUSU was this time focused on the International Centre for Transformational Entrepreneurship.

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The fifth ‘In Conversation With…’ event ran by CUSU was this time focused on the International Centre for Transformational Entrepreneurship.

The panel consisted of:

  • Dr Cherisse Hoyte, Programme Lead for Student Experience
  • Dr Andrew Johnston, Professor of Entrepreneurship and Innovation
  • Miss Mariama Njie, Social Enterprise Programme Manager

Questions were posed to the Panel by:

  • Gabriela Sulikowska, CUSU’s Vice President for Activities

The event was chaired by Maryam Nasir Ali from CUSU. Here are some of the key questions answered earlier today.

What are the 3 key things you want students to know about ICTE?

First, anything enterprise related is ICTE’s interest.

Secondly, it’s not just a research centre – we have the Enterprise Hub and FabLab where we can offer different types of support, education and research.

Thirdly, we are open and accessible to all students. It is not just Business students that we are here to help – if you have an idea and you need assistance trying to conceptualise it, let us know.

We are trying to build an eco-system of business within the university. We would love to help more students create businesses! Whatever your discipline, let us know and we will try and build bridges to help to develop your ideas.

How does a student at the university build an entrepreneurial mindset and why is this important?

It is important in preparing you for work, not just for setting up a business. An entrepreneurial mindset helps to build employability with several skills that employers are looking for, or if you are interested in setting up a business it helps to build the foundations to succeed. We run a number of courses and programmes. These include Add Vantage modules which are designed for students to be able to learn some of these key skills. We have our own courses within ICTE for people looking to start their own business, but even if you are on another course and are enjoying it, one of our small workshops or similar may be useful.

Some people wouldn’t consider themselves to have an entrepreneurial mindset, but if you see gaps and see how things can be improved then you do! If you have these skills, then you are halfway towards being an entrepreneur. It’s about having other options – the tools and facilities we have can help to further develop that. We are here to help you bridge that gap and learn skills and confidence to help you to develop into your chosen path once you have graduated. The more skills you can build whilst you’re here, the better equipped you’ll be once you graduate. This is the perfect place to be to realise them!

In my research I came across your strong international links in Germany, Africa and Southeast Asia. Are our students able to access these resources?

We are an international centre so have an international focus. We have many different perspectives from a team from all over the world. One great strength of ICTE is that we work with businesses across the world on loads of live projects - people can benefit from this! The team don’t just work with international colleagues, we learn from them too.

We also run international competitions for students, working with fellow students across the world. The prizes include internships and we often find ourselves appealing for students to take part on AULA! We also run trips – before COVID we went to Thailand for an Entrepreneurship Summer plan – these are open to all students. We also run ERASMUS for Young Entrepreneurs, which is an exchange programme for students trying to figure out where they want to start – it’s not age specific. It’s paid for up to six months and you can work anywhere in the EU – the idea is to learn skills and ideas to maybe one day run a business similarly.

Is there any additional business support you offer that students, staff and members of our community can avail?

We have the Enterprise Hub helping people to start up. We support around 30-50 start ups per year – this is one to one business support. The Evolve Programme for the fundamentals of business is a 20-hour course that is designed to help people at the first steps of starting a business. As a Santander University we do offer funding too! We are also trying to support societal change, with sustainable projects to enhance the social value of start-up businesses as well as economic value. With the facilities we have, it’s not just about creating a business to make money – it’s also about making real change to living standards and social welfare.

For more information on the ‘In Conversation With…’ events, there is a full schedule available here. If you missed this event, a full transcript of this is available here. If you would like to watch the event back, please find the video attached below.


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