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UPDATED - In Conversation With... School of Marketing and Management

Video and Transcript added - Highlights from the 'In Conversation With...' event for the School of Marketing and Management

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The latest instalment of the ‘In Conversation With…’ event ran by CUSU was this time focused on the School of Marketing and Management.

The panel consisted of:

  • Dr Clare Jones - Associate Head of School - Student Experience
  • Dr Crystal Zhang - Associate Head of School - Global Engagement
  • Dr Richard Tomlins - Associate Head of School - Enterprise and Innovation

Questions were posed to the Panel by:

  • Maximus Shenton – Welfare and Inclusions Rep
  • Sabina Sabova – Education Rep

The event was chaired by Maryam Nasir Ali from CUSU. Here are some of the key points from today’s discussion.

Will the school be organising guest speakers or educational trips to support students learning?

We have a long history in the school of having both guest speakers and trips as a part of our courses. We run the guest lectures across all of our subject areas and also run workshops and other activities. All students are invited to these – it gives current students a great idea on how they can move forwards after graduating. Alumni are invited back to explain how they have progressed since graduation. We run course enhancement activities and tailor these to each year group.

We set up partnerships with live clients, which are local businesses who present to students. They explain their events and locations, how they started off and where they’re heading. We have partnerships with the owners of Metropolis, HMV Empire and the new space above the Litten Tree to name a few. Students can say they had a role in the biggest Arts Festival in the world in 2021/22! As a city centre university, we want to be able to give students the opportunity to engage with the wider community. As an extremely diverse city and university, we have so many opportunities to help showcase Coventry from many different viewpoints.

Students can get more information from a non-course specific AULA site which allows students to see all of these opportunities. We are working to make sure that students have these opportunities, as well as short term projects and internships. We want to make students get involved and immerse themselves in what we offer. We want our international students to be able to access these opportunities too. We are planning a number of international virtual opportunities, all over the world. This will all be available now – for one virtual tour and speech we had over 300 students take part. We have ten field trips planned and will hopefully have all the details for January – subject to government guidance. Things are being planned in the background! The trips will be open to all students – they are less course focused and more international partner focused.

There is less and less engagement within my year group – is there a plan to try and engage with students more to increase the benefits of being at University?

We provide an awful lot of extracurricular activities that are available for all and we struggle at the lack of engagement. What we are doing is working with the Students’ Union as there is a limit to what we can do. We reach out to students and understand that students have different issues that they need to deal with. We need to look at engagement as a University. We have these issues across the board, and we can’t do it by ourselves. We are open ears to students who may have ideas.

Some students may not be aware of a lot of these activities. Could this could be an issue with the platform?

If students are not looking on AULA then they are not engaging with us at all! This is something that is extremely worrying. We are leaning on the Students’ Union to help with the disconnect currently. Feed any support back to your reps or become a rep!

There was plenty more discussed by the panel and live audience, which will be available shortly. For more information on the ‘In Conversation With…’ events, there is a full schedule available here. If you missed this event, a full transcript is available here. If you would like to watch the event back, please see video below.


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