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UPDATED - In Conversation With... School of Psychological, Social and Behavioural Sciences.

Video and Transcript attached - It was the turn of School of Psychological, Social and Behavioural Sciences to face student questions in yesterdays 'In Conversation With...' event.

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Welcome to a brief review of the In Conversation With … Faculty of Health & Life Science – School of Psychological, Social and Behavioural Sciences.

The panel consisted of:

  • Eve Knight – Head of School – HLS PS BS
  • Emma Holdsworth – Associate Head of School – Student experience – HLS PSBS

Questions were posed to the Panel by our school reps:

  • Indica Norcup – Vice-President Welfare & Inclusion  
  • Yolanda Berhane – Welfare Rep

The event was hosted by Emily Long, CUSU Student Experience Coordinator. Below, we aim to give you a small summary of some of the conversation points from the event.

As always the In Conversation With events are started with some general discussion points. The first discussion point for this event was: What facilities or resources can a student use whilst they are involved in the school?

Some of the more generic facilities we have got are in the Library, we have the central academic writing that offer workshops on site and online, for all students at any level. We have Sigma there, who offer support with research methods modules, dissertation support in particular relation to statistics on quantitative methods. More locally within the school we have some interesting technology that we would like to see students using. We have VR, which is virtual reality that can be used in experiments for dissertation students. We have a polygraph which is great for anyone interested in criminology. We have an E-Fit, which is a way for facial profiling. We have some great technology which would be really helpful for dissertation use. Lots of that equipment’s is in our psychology lab, in the Richard Crossman building. Here we also have here some mock prison cells for our criminology students or forensic psychology students. In Alison Gingell we have some community houses, withing the building which sometimes we reconstruct crime scenes for students. We have some fantastic resources for all of our students.

If you wanted to access or book these, if you are criminology student the best way will be through the course director. This would be the same for the psychology students, through your course team. This will then go through the timetabling team.

What changes have the school made to adapt to a blended teaching method?

Even pre covid, we already had a number of blended courses within the school for example forensic psychology and crime which is blended as it predominantly online. So we have already got awareness of what blended need to involve, but due to Covid we really needed to up out game getting some technological advances, getting educators trained to manage both online and on campus. We went through a rapid transformation but made sure we checked what students needed to make sure they didn’t miss out on anything. We had workshops for all of our staff across the school regularly. A big focus on sharing best practice and this was very much so a time to do this. We do acknowledge and thank our students for the flexibility and adaptability when we had to make the very rapid change during the pandemic. We have grown and learnt so much during this time. Something we do is routinely observe each other during teaching and learning sessions. We used to do this during the classroom but over the last year we know review and join online sessions, to experience the session alongside the students often picking up good practice. We do this for both live and pre recorded sessions. We keep reviewing to learn what is best practice and what is engaging our students and what obstacles we are trying to overcome. For this we hope for an open dialog with our students.

What support is in place to help students find placements?

We have the talent team who have a vast array of external partners, could be company’s in business or with the NHS for example. There is a full list of organisations that the talent team work along side. This is a good place to start for looking at placements. If you have particular requirements that you need for a placement for example a DBS, then the talent team would support that process. The Talent team would be the first place to go. The best way to contact them would be via the course teams. The Talent team should be able to post on Aula, sharing information making it clear where you go if you need work experience or placement hours.

We also have talent connect which is also accessible via the student portal. They list placements on here also. I would also recommend asking seminar tutors as they have links and could suggest a starting point, please do talk to them. Some of our teaching is delivered by staff who work here but we also have guest lectures and its always worth asking them. We want to help and give advice, its nice to be asked.

For more information on the ‘In Conversation With…’ events, there is a full schedule available here. A full transcript can be found here. If you would like to watch the event back, please find the video below.



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