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Library Services Survey

The Library are running a survey to help improve the services we offer...

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To help improve the services we offer, the Library has been running a trial of PC space booking on Floor 1.

Should we keep it or change it? Tell us what you think here by filling out the survey below:



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Culture Shock Cafe - May Welcome

Are you new to Coventry University? Would you like to get more information about student life, finances or culture shock? Come to see us during our drop-in sessions in the Hub!

Mon 23 May 2022

NUS Referendum (2022)

Thu 19 May 2022
a large pink and red heart with the words end of term clear out, help the planet, fund research, sav

Moving Out? Make A Difference!

The time has come to think about preparing to leave student accommodation. It’s amazing all the extra possessions you can accumulate over time, making having to pack away your university life that little bit more overwhelming. You may have to make the difficult decision to leave some things behind. You may wonder what you are going to do with these things. Why not donate and make a difference today!

Wed 18 May 2022
Illustration of a bicycle against a skyline with the caption "Get in Gear with CUSU's Cycle Scheme"

Get in gear with CUSU's Cycle Scheme

Tired of having to travel here there and everywhere because of the hassle! The time! The expense! As Indica, your VP for Welfare and Inclusion discovered, taking up cycling could be the answer to all these problems.

Thu 12 May 2022

Welcome to Coventry University Students' Union

A huge welcome to all of our new students here at Coventry University!

Thu 12 May 2022