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New Full Time Officer Roles

CUSU have made some exciting changes to our full time officer positions! These officer roles will be available to apply for soon in our Spring Elections.

Out with the old...

For a number of years, CUSU has had seven full time Officer positions representing students in Coventry and across the wider group. These roles were:

  • President
  • Vice President for Education
  • Vice President for Activities
  • Vice President for Welfare & Inclusion
  • Internationalisation and Culture Officer
  • Postgraduate Officer
  • Sport & Wellbeing Officer

You can see our current officers here.

However, this system was not without its faults. We are always looking to make tangible changes to improve student satisfaction, so we've decided to create a new, dynamic and relevant set of sabbatical roles for students. We hope the new structure will help Officers to focus their time and effort on their relevant areas, and you as students to identify the relevant Officer to assist you. 

...and in with the new!

The new full time roles will be:

Click on each individual role for a more detailed description.

Some notable changes are:

  • A reduction from seven to four full time roles, which means that all four Officers are now group-wide and represent students at all campuses.
  • The role titles have been made more consistent.
  • The President now looks after student welfare which gives them more opportunity to improve welfare across the Coventry University Group.
  • The Education Officer now looks after both undergraduate and postgraduate education.
  • The Activities Officer now includes Sports, Societies and Student Media within its remit.
  • The Community Officer will look after our liberation groups, campaigns and any community projects, as well as international student events.

We will also be adding more hours to our part-time Officer roles to ensure they can better support. Part-time Officers will now be paid hourly and will be doing 10-15 hours a week.

These exciting new roles will be available in the upcoming Spring Elections with nominations opening on the 24th January! If you are interested in any of the roles, or would like more information, please email


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