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Why should you join a society?

We can tell you until we're blue in the face, but we thought it would be best to find out from society members directly. Read more to find out what they have to say about their times in CUSU Societies.

It's no secret that we're big on societies at CUSU. So we thought what better way to show you how beneficial they are, than by asking some society members (past and present) about what they thought and why they would recommend getting involved! Have a read of some of the things our students said when asked the question: Why should students join a society? 


Indica - Psychology Society: Events Officer 2019/2020 and Inclusion Officer 2020/21 

"[In my society] I had some incredible opportunities, made connections with inspirational people in the psychology field and guided so many people from all over the world who are just as passionate as I am about psychology! Being on a committee has made me a more rounded, understanding, and driven person and I'd recommend it to everyone."


Gabriela - Pole Fitness Society: Inclusion Officer 2017/18, VP 2018/20, and President 2020/21

"I loved being a part of a society as it allowed me to meet many wonderful people, I was also able to enjoy life as a student at socials and I had the opportunity to improve and maintain my fitness levels in my classes"


Agata - Tabletop Society: Vice-President 2020/2021, Current President (2021/2022)

"Although I'm currently the President of the Tabletop society and was a Vice-President last year, I actually only properly joined the society right before the year I became VP and I'm super happy I did as it allowed me to make soo many more friends with similar interests than if I had just tried to find people who were on my course!

We get to do activities together and play all the games we all know and love without having to explain how they work or be worried that someone won't like the hobby, as it's the reason we're in the society. If someone is ever unsure or more new to a hobby but they really want to get into it, a society is literally the perfect place to try looking into since it'll be full of like-minded people with all sorts of experience levels. 

The main reason being a committee member is so much fun is because we are the ones who get to put ideas to make the society more fun and organised together. We can think of events and actually do them as much as we want!"


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