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Education Forum Vote On No Detriment Policy & Tuition Fee Refunds

Education Forum votes for further lobbying of the university.

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It's been a busy week for all Reps and Officers who came together for the latest Education Forum meeting.

After considerable feedback from students, a motion was tabled, for CUSU to consider further lobbying of the university to support students further who have been negatively impacted by the pandemic. The motion passed unanimously and in recent days I have been working on a open letter to be sent to the university requesting a number of adjustments to be made after hearing from many concerned students. This letter was put forward to the Forum on Friday 5th February in an emergency meeting for further discussion where it was passed.

The letter is requesting:
• The university clearly state its no detriment policy and explain how this will benefit students. We will also seek clarity on how the no detriment is applied to 1st year students and postgraduate taught students who do not have grades from previous years to be compared to.
• A blanket 2 week extension to all assessments due in the second and third semesters.
• A break down of how students’ tuition fee is spent, asking the university to show percentages of where tuition fees are allocated across the university.
• The university to consider a refund in tuition fees for where funds are allocated that students haven't benefitted directly such as university buildings and start up fees associated with switching learning platforms which were already in the works.

The committee feels that CUSU should support the university to lobby the government in requesting financial support to partially refund its students though this should not stand in the way of the university offering students tuition fee refunds in the interim.

What happens next?

I will bring a motion to the next Coventry Exceutive meeting (11th February) requesting the letter to be circulated to students for signatures should the Executive agree with the action suggested. Passing the motion would require CUSU to change its stance on tuition fee refunds. It was agreed in Union Affairs Committee a few weeks previously that CUSU will lobby the government to fund a reduction in tuition fee prices for the 2020 - 21 academic year. You can find more information on the current stance CUSU has taken on tuition fees and no detriment here.

Which campus's and student groups does this relate to?

All students studying at Coventry University who are undergraduate, postgraduate taught or self funded postgraduate researchers are included, although research students will only be able to benefit from fee refunds. Cu Coventry students are also included.


Hammad Zahid Jeewani
12:10am on 2 Mar 21 is there any news for refund for student fees please let me know im so much stressed cant able to focus
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