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Introducing Your VP for Education

Time to meet Obinna Okereke, the Vice President for Education at CUSU and International Relations student!

Obinna Okereke Obinna Okereke

My name is Obinna Okereke, the Vice President for Education at Coventry University Students' Union. I recently completed my M.A in International Relations at Coventry University and I'm excited for you all to be joining us for the coming academic year.

I work within a team of 7 Sabbatical Officers each focused on different elements of university life. In my role specifically, I work to improve the educational experience of Coventry University students by voicing their thoughts, ideas and concerns at the highest decision making levels in the University.

I am the head of the Reps System at Coventry University which is made up of over 1,500 Reps, who are students just like you. They gather feedback from students and work with academic staff to improve the quality of your education. We are always looking for more Reps so if you want to get some leadership experience why not apply here today!

I also sit on the University's Board of Governors and Academic Affairs Committee to make sure feedback reaches the top of the university ladder.
I hope to see many of you around campus.

Please feel free to stop me if you see me on campus and have a socially distanced conversation with me. I always want to hear feedback from students about courses, and life on campus.


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