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No Detriment & Fee Refund Letter Update

Over 5,000 students have now signed CUSU's open letter. Find out our next steps to take the letter forward.

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On 18th February CUSU circulated an open letter relating to Coventry University's no detriment policy and tuition fee refunds to students after substantial feedback from the students on these matters. We invited students who agreed with our proposed actions to sign the letter in support and now have over 5,000 signatures. We thank all our students who took the time to sign the letter.

We have now made the decision to close the opportunity for students to sign the letter as we feel we have a representative number of students and would like to move on with the next steps. Our president is now contacting the Senior Leadership Team at the University to arrange a meeting with CUSU's Officers to discuss the recommendations raised in the open letter. We are keen to work with the university to gain positive outcomes which will benefit our students and will keep our students informed of these discussions.

What support have the university already implemented?

Recently the university updated it's no detriment policy which has been welcomed by CUSU. Students can now take advantage of extensions on assessments which are not time constrained as well as defer any assessments to next semester should they wish to do so. It is important to stress that the extensions do not cover all types of extensions so please ensure you check whether your assessments are covered. You can find out more information on the no detriment policy HERE.

If you would like to see what has been included in the open letter, click HERE to view the letter and the comments students have made in relation to it.



Hammad Zahid Jeewani
5:59pm on 3 Mar 21 i applied for hardhsip fund i received an email that they have declined my covid hardship fund application as you cannot apply this for paying your fees? This dissappoints me like i have applied this fund just because i faced tough time we faced financial crises and all i have even provided evidence! thats pathetic
Abdul Hanan Ahmad
11:54am on 3 Mar 21 I support this letter, there should be compensation in fee because online courses have less fees amount and I have been charged for face to face learning.
Hammad Zahid Jeewani
9:19pm on 2 Mar 21 hoping for the good news sooon! Thankslot to those who supported international student like us are struggling with fees issues i hope there will be some good news for us!
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