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Arts and Humanities Feedback Friday

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Last Friday 28th May we held a feedback session alongside Mariam Abdurahman (FAH faculty officer) with several senior course reps, course reps, students and a member of the student voice team.  

The aim of this event was for Reps and students to exchange feedback. In essence, Reps provided updates on feedback their peers have given them. And students provided additional feedback on their course and university experience to their Reps. On top of this, reps and students were able to provide feedback and suggestions directly to CUSU on how they could be better supported. The session was split into two parts, Reps, and CUSU. As seen below you’ll see the themes raised to reps and CUSU. We have also explained how we are acting on your feedback.  

Part 1- Reps:  

Theatre and Professional Practice 

  • Students have been finding it difficult with online sessions and not having a physical space to rehearse. Students want more efficient communication about available working spaces between the university, lecturers, and students.  

  • According to the reps, the university has said to lecturers that they don’t want students to be criticised too much. However, this has resulted in less than helpful feedback. Reps feel the university is too worried about satisfaction rates than the feedback for students. 

Illustration and graphics  

  • There appears to be too much of a divide between illustration and fine art, graphic design etc. With some students not feeling included in illustration week. Students would like more of a community feeling. Improvement in communication between department and faculty.  

  • Reps had a meeting with the examiners about adobe license, but students had difficulty getting through to customer service and unfortunately, lecturers couldn’t really help as it was out of their hands. 

  • Lecturers to stop using the term ‘spoon fed’ as students just want help and guidance to be able to think critically and aren’t being ‘spoon fed’ information. 

Illustration and Animation  

  • Reps and other students want more detailed feedback. Some are not satisfied with the course as there is too much reliance on independent learning. Some students have struggled with mental health issues due to the course being less interactive. Reps said that tutors weren’t really chasing up students that weren’t at lecturers. Also, tutors were late with responses, so weren’t very helpful. 

  • Students on the course were meant to have tablets to be able to do their course. However, there was no mention on their webpage about needing to get them. It was fine before the pandemic as students could share one from the department, but the pandemic put an end to that. Reps stated that the website could do with an update and the course could have more of a modern approach to teaching. 

  • Would like more feedback drop-in sessions from lecturers. Currently, students are only allowed 3 drop-in sessions which are 15 minutes but this an opportunity to get extra sessions. Generally, the work done by lecturers is appreciated. 

How are we acting on this feedback? 

We have sent the following information to the heads of the associate Deans of each of the schools. This is so they are made aware of the feedback gained from this session and that they can respond to you about it. 

Part 2- CUSU:  

  • Sociology lecturers perhaps need more explanation about the action log. 

  • Reps would like more and frequent events like ‘feedback Friday’ with reps and students so people can know each other, exchange information, tips etc.  

  • Reps would like drop-in sessions to get assistance from CUSU within their responsibilities.  

  • Reps would like resources such as tips and tricks, ways to gather feedback, and signposting students to support services. As these are all issues that reps have struggled with. 

How are we acting on this feedback? 

Currently, we are already busy planning for the next academic year. The above suggestions will be fed into our planning process and will go a long way in helping us support you. 


Couldn’t attend but would still like to offer feedback? Head over to the FAH Padlet to give your feedback today.  

Any questions don’t hesitate to contact us at 


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