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Student Minds are currently leading on the development of a mental health support programme for students across England and Wales during the coronavirus pandemic; Student Space. On Student Space we are developing a number of resources created by clinicians and students.

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Via Student Minds Charity
If you’re a current Higher Education student in university, college or independent provider, we want to hear about your experience of the coronavirus pandemic. We are asking students to work with us to create a one-off short video on how the pandemic has affected your experience of being a student. You can see some examples of videos on the website on communication and digital wellbeing. We will work with you to create your video - helping you to utilise your voice. These videos will create a sense of community and belonging for other students through this pandemic. Your voice could help someone else feel as though they aren’t alone. 

We want to represent the broad range of student experiences on Student Space and we know that some groups of students have been disproportionately affected by coronavirus, such as BAME and LGBTQ+ students. We want to hear from you if you identify as being in a minority group or have faced additional challenges through coronavirus due to your identity.

Payment: £45 per hour
This is a rolling opportunity, though some topics may be taken on a first come first served basis. 

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