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Welcome from Your PG Officer

Our PG Officer, Amaka, welcome new Postgraduate Students to Coventry Student's Union

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My fellow Research and Taught Postgraduate Students, it is my great pleasure to welcome you to Coventry University. My name is Ekpereamaka Ezeanochie (Amaka) and I am from Nigeria and I am your elected Postgraduate Student Officer. I formally wish to congratulate each of you on having secured your place. 

This week we welcome new Postgraduate Students across our four faculties and various Research Centres. Approximately two thirds of you are new to Coventry, having pursued your undergraduate studies elsewhere, and I welcome you to Coventry. I also wish to welcome back the one third of you who are Coventry graduates. Approximately 12% of you come from other European Union countries and over 25% of you hail from outside the EU. I especially welcome our overseas students to Coventry and to England. 

By whatever route you came to be here, we believe you have made a wise choice in selecting Coventry. Coventry University puts the student at the centre of everything it does; your experience here and your success is important to every member of staff who works here.  

As a Postgraduate Student you have already experienced and successfully managed the transition to university life and all that goes with that. You know what is expected of you and you have managed the self-reliance that is demanded of university students. Having completed an undergraduate degree, you have mastered the demands of university learning and you now can deepen your knowledge while at the same time encountering new bodies of knowledge to which you’ve not been exposed to before.  

My advice to you is that you should make the make the most of your time here at Coventry. I also urge you to use the time to refine the skills that will enhance your employability. 

I also wish briefly to mention the supports that we offer our students through the Coventry University Student Union (CUSU) exists to improve the experience of students academically and socially. The Union is run by the students, for students and that strongly includes the postgraduate student body.  

The Student Union provides a wide range of sport club and societies available for you to join. I encourage you to join one or more of the many clubs and societies on campus. Why not try something you haven’t had the opportunity to do before? You have the chance now. 

And don’t forget that vital support is provided by the Student Union Advice Centre on issues such as housing, money, and academic advice.  The University also has services which support with Mental Health and Counselling, Disability Support and other student welfare services. 

The University also offers support with Mathematics, Statistics and Writing through Sigma and the Centre for Academic Writing. They provide specialist support and are free for all students to access.  

As the Postgraduate Students Officer, I voice the ideas, concerns, and thoughts of postgraduate students, making sure they are consulted before changes are made and policies are implemented. Our focus for this year is postgraduate engagement, while bringing on board fresh and innovative ideas that will enhance postgraduate student experience. 

The University is in a city of diverse culture, you have come from different backgrounds, institutions and communities to pursue your ambitions as students. In a large institution it can be tempting to stick with the familiar and that is especially true with respect to the people with whom you associate. But it would be a lost opportunity to stick with your own all the time – embrace difference. Get to know people who are different to you. It could be someone from a different part of the country, or from another country, of a different race or ethnicity, a different religion, who has different views to you, or who has different interests and perspectives. You might or might not change as a person by embracing difference, but you will get a better understanding both of yourself and of those who are different to you. 

I wish you every success at Coventry University and I am confident that you will find it an immensely rewarding experience. Please say hello when you see me on campus. I am happy to have a lovely conversation and I look forward to meeting everybody soon! 



Priscilla Temitope Keshiro
4:36pm on 18 Sep 21 Hello Amaka, I have an enquiry/issue concerning my accommodation. Here's my email address. I would ask you for your's but I am not certain you would want to drop o here. I need your assistance on this issue. Thank you.
Omolara Monsurat Kujenya
11:23pm on 17 Sep 21 Please which department can I contact for learning about computer n understanding future learn better
Omolara Monsurat Kujenya
11:20pm on 17 Sep 21 Thanks Amaka
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