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Current location: CU Scarborough

About Allied Health and Life Sciences

Who are we?

We are the community for students studying: • Public Health and Community Studies • Health and Social Care • Applied Psychology • Counselling Integrative Theory and Practice • Access to HE Social Sciences • Access to HE Health and Human Sciences

What do we do?

We organise a broad range of social and academic events and activities incl. guest lecturers, nights out, new starter events. We want to make sure you have a really good student experience both in the classroom and outside of it too!

Why should you join?

We offer a great network or likeminded students who are studying similar subjects for you to access and build your university circle of friends from. We’ll give you opportunities to make your time studying more interesting and fun too!

What have we done in the past?

Awards and Recognition

The Committee

Every year the Students' Union recruits students like you to run our Students Societies and Groups.

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