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CUSU Reps always want to hear feedback from students about their course, modules or experience with University services. Use the information below to get your feedback to the best representative.

Rep Applications 2021/22

Applying for a Course Rep position?

You can apply for a Course Rep position all year round. Anyone who is interested can apply and there is no interview process. Once you have submitted your application we will contact you to complete your training. It's that simple!

IMPORTANT INFORMATION Please read this page BEFORE filling in your form:

About the form:

Please enter the Course and Year of Study you will be enrolled on from September 2021.

If your course is not listed please still apply and select 'Course Not Listed'. Then e-mail with the name of your course.

You cannot make two applications, for example, one for Course Rep and one for Senior Rep. If your Senior Rep application is unsuccessful you will automatically become a Course Rep. PLEASE ONLY FILL THIS FORM IN ONCE. If you'd like to upgrade your original Course Rep application to a Senior Course Rep application then please e-mail

What have our students got to say about being a Course Rep?

"Being a rep can help you be more aware of what’s going on in and around the university! Being a rep is one way to help become more confident and to help with university life. It also helped me with my personal life, knowing that I’ve got support from university."

"Being a rep for first year law has not only made me capable of making a difference for my classmates but it has also enabled me to get to know them all on a one to one basis as well."

"Being a rep made me feel a part of a great team. I’ve made new friends and got to voice what my classmates had to say. It helped build my confidence with speaking out."

"Being a first year policing student rep has allowed me to gain confidence in communication. It has also been an ice breaker with the rest of my fellow class mates and has been great to help them with issues that affect the whole class."

"Being a course rep has helped build my confidence and allowed me to develop new skills. I have found it very rewarding to see changes happen around university because of the feedback I have given on behalf of my class. It's is also a great opportunity to meet new people outside of your course."

Something Else

If you have feedback and you’re not sure who it should be directed to please contact the Scarborough Campus Students' Union Office at

Why should I be a Rep?

  • To boost your employability skills, the experience looks great on your CV
  • Great way to meet new people and make friends
  • Network with University staff
  • Make a difference in the quality of your education
  • Receive a Certificate
  • Senior Course Reps receive a volunteer payment up to £125
  • Opportunities to attend Rep exclusive workshops & events
  • A chance to win ‘Rep of the Year’ and attend CUSU's annual Awards Evening
  • Be recognised as Rep of the Month

What do Reps do?

Course Reps (Voluntary)

  • Gathering constructive feedback from students on their course
  • Raising feedback that has been gathered on their Student Voice Channel
  • Closing the feedback loop by promoting any wins or changes to students on their course
  • Playing an active role in working groups relating to their School, Faculty or University campus
  • Maintaining good relationships with their Senior Course Rep
  • Disseminating information from your Student Voice Channel grouping or CUSU to Reps and to students on their course
  • Supporting recruitment of Reps for your Student Voice Channel
  • Attending events related to their Rep role
  • Completing training for their role

Senior Course Rep (Volunteer Payment)

  • Building relationships with staff within their Student Voice Channel grouping and CUSU
  • Mentoring Course Reps, giving them direction to the feedback they should be gathering and managing their engagement
  • Playing an active role in working groups within their School and Faculty
  • Maintaining good relationships with their Education School Rep
  • Disseminating information from their Student Voice Channel grouping or CUSU to Reps and the wider student body in their School
  • Supporting recruitment of Reps for their Student Voice Channel
  • Providing content for the CUSU website
  • Administrating their Student Voice Forum Channel on Teams, ensuring Course Reps upload feedback they have gathered
  • Continuously updating their Action Log within Teams with feedback and actions
  • Chasing responses to feedback and any actions that are outstanding
  • Closing the feedback loop by promoting wins or changes to Course Reps and the wider student body within their Student Voice Channel
  • Attend relevant CUSU events
  • Completing training sessions for their role